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Welcome to the "Home of Happy Horses!"

Here at Laughing Horse, our goal is to create and maintain a safe, fun and friendly place to house your horses! Horses come first here and we strive to meet the needs of each horse and owner to the very best or our ability! Laughing Horses and Happy Humans is our goal.


Horses have partnered with humans for thousands of years providing mankind with the ability to advance in unimaginable ways.  We owe it to the horse to respect their needs as well as continue our journey to be the best horseman or horsewoman we can be.  Our community here supports continuing our education and horsemanship. We support and assist those who are at the early stages of horsemanship without judgment.  We want the best for and from our horses and owners at all times and we strive to hold all accountable to a positive and loving environment.

Horse Stall Portrait

Long term full care boarding

Girl with Horse

Short term "vacation" boarding

Girl and Horse

 Riding lessons

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