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Thank you for your interest in Laughing Horse.

My name is Risa and I absolutely love horses!  I always have. 

My philosophy regarding “Happy Horses” is not only the care and the environment that horses need to fulfill their herd and health needs but also creating healthy horse/human relationships.


Laughing Horse concept began as a way to integrate horses into the lives of those who would enjoy a horse to "complete" their lives. Through the years I have offered basic human-horse relationship classes, leased horses to those who want a part-time pony and offered therapy horses.


Many of my boarders are first-time horse owners.  Some of them are also past students or clients that leased a horse of mine.  I truly love helping our boarders to “enjoy” the horse relationship, finding their leadership role and UNDERSTANDING how the horse thinks.  We at Laughing Horse have a community built on understanding, knowledge, trust, nonjudgment, and inclusion.



No matter what the reason or how long you stay here at Laughing Horse, our goal to have Happy Horses and Humans.

-Risa Roe

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